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Basic Module :5 hrs

Introduction to Financial Markets

  1. Introduction to Capital Markets
  2. Understanding the Asset classes
  3. Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis
  4. Introduction to Financial Institutions and Exchanges
  5. Trading VS Investing
  6. Types of Positions- Long VS Short
  7. Trading Styles
  8. Getting Started with a Demat Account
  9. Japanese Candle Sticks
  10. Understanding Price Action
Step 1 Module: 5 hrs

Understanding Price Action & Chart Analysis

  1. Importance of Multi Time Frame Analysis
  2. Types of Market Structures
  3. Supply and Demand and concept of Support and Resistance
  4. Identifying Patterns: Classical Chart Pattern
  5. Important Price Action Combos
  6. Auctioning in Markets: Bid Vs Ask
  7. Volume and Open Interest
  8. Important Price Action Combos
  9. Concept of Gaps and Gap Theory
  10. Continuation and Reversal Opportunities
Step 2-Module: Equity 5 hrs

Trading SetupsEquity Markets

  1. Trading Breakouts
  2. Defining Reward and Risk
  3. Stock Selection For Trading
  4. Identifying Momentum and importance of confluence
  5. Position Sizing and Capital Allocation For Swing
  6. Golden Setup For Swings
  7. Trading Journal and Reviewing
  8. Gap Theory and Probability
  9. Gap Trading Setup
  10. Order Types for Intraday and Swings
Step 2-Module: Futures & Options 15 hrs

F & O StrategiesPro-Level Derivatives

  1. Understanding Futures and Options: Derivatives Markets
  2. Market Participants
  3. Forwardation VS Backwardation
  4. Basics of Hedging
  5. Open Interest Analysis
  6. Call VS Put Options
  7. Buying VS Selling of Options
  8. Moneyness of Options and Option Greeks
  9. Direction VS Non Directional Setups and POP
  10. Golden Setup For Bank Nifty Breakout Trading: Directional Intraday+ Swing
  11. Golden Setup for BN intraday non directional Selling( Short Straddles + Strangles ):Intraday trading
  12. Covered Calls and Bear Call Spreads For Nifty
  13. Expiry Day Options Strategy for BN: Short Strangles
  14. Introduction To Commodities/li>
  15. Fundamentals Of Crude Oil Trading
  16. Golden Setup for Crudeoil Trading
  17. Step 3 Module: Long Term Wealth Creation 7 hrs

    Fundamental Analysis and Long Term Investing

    1. Fundamental Analysis in and out
    2. Market Cycles and Power of SIPs
    3. ETFs & Mutual Funds
    4. IPOs
    5. Financial Planning
    6. Retirement Planning
    7. Insurance Planning
    8. Identifying Quality Stocks for Positional With Piotroski
    9. CANSLIM Model of Investing
    10. SIP Goal Calculator
    Exclusive Benefits

    Forex, Crypto Currency, NFTs and LLW community Access!

    1. Exclusive Access to Community Meetups that happens physically once/ twice in a year
    2. Access to Forex Trading Masterclass by Livelong Forex
    3. Access to Crypto Currency Trading Masterclass
    4. Access to Golden Setup for ETH/ USDT Ethereum intraday trading
    5. Getting Started with Crypto Trading and Investing and the Regulations to be concerned with
    6. Understanding NFTs
    7. NFT minting and sales: Expert Lecture
    8. Quarterly Access to Livelong Algo Trader
    9. Access to Weekly Market Brainstorming and Trading Psychology sessions
    10. Lifetime access to discord server
    11. One on One Doubt Clearnace Sessions
    12. Wealth management and taxation input support and much more
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