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When we trade, you trade

Whether you are a beginner getting started with the stock markets or a working professional who can’t find time during your busy hours to dedicate for trading.

You need not worry any longer!

With Livelong Wealth’s Pro-trader platform you can automatically  trade using  algorithmic strategies that we deploy depending on the market conditions

This will help you generate passive income through the markets on auto pilot mode.

How it works

You signup on our terminal

Individuals get started with the free signup to our terminal where they can try out paper trading as well as checkout various setups.

Select your desired strategy

Based upon the various market segments, we have different algos operating that has been providing great results .You to can see the track records

Setup your terminal

You select the capital allocation for each setup as well as decide which all strategies to replicate in your demat based upon your risk appetite .

Integrate your demat 

You get the api keys with your broker which we will be helping you with from our team. Alice blue and Fyers are the brokers which provide free api now.

Algo-Trade on automation

The trading strategies gets implemented in your real portfolio or in your demo portfolio.You can activate and deactivate different systems anytime.

Review performance & scale

The capital can be raised based on performance and results .You could also implement strategies of various segments that wasn’t used earlier.

Our Algorithms

Power Trader Algo

This is a price action strategy  on equity & index ,where the risk is 0.5-1.5% of capital per trade and target is more than risk taken per trade. The trading algos are non co related meaning we use a combination of strategies running at the same time hence ensuring that the results of each trade are independent of each other.

Currently our systems are running in equity intraday, options selling intraday (straddles on friday and monday, strangles on tuesday, wednesday and thursday) and nifty trend following with futures based on swing high swing low breakouts.

1lakh capital would be deployed in 2 to 3 rule based systems on any day.


Average Profit

Rs 840

Average Loss

Rs 530

Present Returns

14.6% over 3 months


53 %

Risk Reward

1 : 2 for Directional

1:1 for Non Directional


Power Trader Platform

Ideal for individuals who want to trade with no personal intervention as well as get good results and harness the power of our Algorithms.

Our team member will get back to you on call to check if every setup is right and will also do a risk profiling of yours to help you decide the position size to follow depending on your capital


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with our team

What is the exact process of social trading?

You signup on our platform for free and see for yourself the different strategies available to copy trade for yourself. You select the strategies you want to copy trade after subscribing to the service and all the orders placed on our terminal will be replicated on your account as well. You also have the option to implement also trades as well as do paper trading using our interface.

The platform also provides options to algotrade your own systems and too offers a chance for you to be listed yourself as a social traders on the platform based on performance.


Will I be able to see the orders on my brokers terminal?

Yes, you will be able to see the orders pushed on your brokers terminal as well and if you wish you could square off the positions by yourself on the brokers terminal as well .

Other orders can also be created by yourself on the brokers account and our service will perform stand alone.

The interface just acts as a bridge between the orders that gets triggered based on the trading systems and gets implemented in your own accounts.

Will I be able to integrate any demat account and readily use?

Yes , you can directly use Alice blue and Fyers demat directly with our bots.You also have the provision to start and stop trading which lets you have the provision of controlling the times when you want to push trades and the time when you don’t want to push and receive trades.


Will I be entering all the strategy signals that I receive through the terminal?

It is completely upto you which all strategies you wish to replicate in your account, meanwhile you could also be trading in semi auto mode where you get to know the entry and exit intimations and only post your approval the orders will be executed in your account.


You get to see and track the prehistoric performance of various trading setups available on our platform which makes it comfortable for you to replicate those systems yielding the best results as per your risk appetite .


Will the results be guaranteed?

These are the exacts trading systems that we personally follow and have generated us with good results. The strategies listed have been followed by our trading community and has been tested in various market conditions to figure out the durability .

Each strategy comes alongside with its own reward and risk potential alongside the capital requirements.You could read through the features on how to define the risk and post that enter the positions.

We also provide a risk management manual to each user letting him understand the potential risk as well as how we make use of probability to get an edge in the markets with or trading systems.

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